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What is an independent school?

An independent school is a private school, however, there is an important distinction. A private school may be established with religious indoctrination, whereas, an independent school has no religious affiliation. Therefore, the primary objective of an independent school is the children's education rather than religion. 


What is a Montessori school?

The Montessori method and the philosophy of education was formulated in the early 1900's by Dr. Maria Montessori, an italian engineer, psychologist, physician and anthropologist. She discovered that the purpose of education was not the imparting of knowledge by the teacher, but the development of intellectual skills, so that children can aquire knowledge on their own. The Montessori school uses specially designed learning materials that allow children to learn from each other in a structured enviroment. 


What sets a Montessori school apart from a traditional school?

Unlike traditional schools, Montessori is an innovative, child-centered approach to education. Children are given the freedom to follow their interests that they teach themselves. Montessori teachers guide rather than instruct the children, which is what makes it very unique. 

Why choose an independent school?

Aside from the negatives of the alternative, the most important reason to choose a school like Small World Montessori is that the parent wants to give the child the best opportunity to succeed and an independent school affords that opportunity.  The community of parents, teachers and children in an independent school are positively motivated toward education and proper social conduct.  That community has a good work ethic and considers achievement important.  Peer influence is positive.  Everyone at the school is there because they believe in it and it is where they choose to be.



Small World Montessori’s hours of operation are from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm. Instruction will officially begin as of 8:30am and all students should be present no later than 9:00am. This time has been implemented to ensure students benefit from all learning opportunities equally and fully. Depending on the schedule that has been selected during registration, pick-up times vary. Please review the Schedule of Fees page received during registration. VPK-only students are to be picked up no later than 11:30 am. Please refer to our Key Policy Guidelines for pick-up times and late fees.


Meal plan:


Due to our continued commitment to healthy eating and nutrition, Small World Montessori offers a complimentary meal plan for each child enrolled. This meal plan includes: Breakfast (served until 8:15), Lunch, and a Snack. Monthly menus are sent to the Parents via email. For more details please refer to our Breakfast and Nutrition Policies.



At Small World Montessori, we adhere to the Montessori Method. The Montessori Method is a child-centered educational approach. Montessori is a method of education which emphasizes the potential of the young child, and develops this potential by utilizing Montessori trained and certified teachers and Montessori materials to meet the needs of our students.


The Academic Year and Summer Program:


The academic year consists of a 10-month program (in accordance with the Miami-Dade County schedule). However, we do offer a Summer Program which lasts 10 weeks. Small World Montessori is a year-round fully licensed facility, with Montessori certified and trained staff.

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