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The History of Small World Montesssori School

“Watching a child makes it obvious that the development of his mind comes through his movements.” - Dr. Maria Montessori
The Montessori Method
Montessori Education began in 1907, when Maria Montessori opened the Casa dei Bambini in Rome. Through her observations, Dr. Montessori developed a unique approach, more commonly known as the Montessori Method. She believed that creating a "prepared environment" helped young children greatly improve their intellectual and social abilities. This allowed for Dr. Montessori to create unique learning materials that allow for a child to obtain a natural desire to learn, and many of these techniques are still in use today within Montessori classrooms. Montessori philosophies sparked the interest of many leaders, causing this approach to flourish world-wide. There are more than 3,000 Montessori programs in the United States alone! Within the creation of the Montessori Schools the main concept is create an environment that would allow for children to become independent with a desire to learn. Over the years, several different countries have adopted Montessori schools, and the success of Montessori Schools has proven to be phenomenal. Students who have attended Montessori Schools over the years have gone on to accomplish many great tasks within their lives and continue to utilize their teachings once they have moved on from the school. 
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