Summer at Small World Montessori!

Small World Montessori does not close during the summer months, we are open year-round and remain a fully licensed facility. Our primary teaching and administrative staff also remain on board throughout the year. During the summer period, we host our annual 10-week Summer Program. The program’s content and theme change each year, however some activities, such as cooking classes, painting classes and language lesson, remain due to their success. Not only that, but the program teaches about different countries and cultures through Language, Art, Dance, Field-trips (On-site and Off-site) and Montessori lesson time. The Summer Program is a fun filled educational experience for each child. While we do host many activities during the summer that are not present throughout the academic year, we also ensure that our students continue to refresh their Montessori lessons that were taught during the academic year.

We are excited to unveil this year's theme: Travel the World and the Seven Seas. Join us this Summer for an epic adventure! Click here to register today.